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Organizational Health

Organizational HealthOrganizations succeed because they are both smart and healthy. Smart organizations make the right intellectual decisions, while healthy organizations have the capacity to take advantage of those decisions by minimizing politics and confusion and fostering true productivity and commitment in their employees.

We collaborate with leaders and their teams to harness the untapped power of organizational health by adopting the model outlined in Patrick Lencioni’s best-seller, The Advantage.

Organizational health provides an undeniable and massive advantage. Healthy organizations outperform their counterparts, are free of politics and confusion and create an environment where star performers never leave.

Our approach, which can often span several months to a full year, includes three coordinated phases:

Phase 1: Build the Team and Create Clarity
Initially, we work with the organization’s executive team on becoming more cohesive and creating organizational clarity. This process begins with a two-day executive team offsite in which the team addresses the five behavioral pitfalls that face all teams, while working to answer the six critical questions required for true organizational clarity. Following that initial session, consultants engage with the team over a period of months to ensure behavioral progress continues and any clarity gaps close. This process continues while the next two phases are completed.

Phase 2: Communicate and Drive Clarity
Once organizational clarity is finalized, the focus shifts to cascading that clarity throughout the entire organization. This generally begins with a broader leadership session to create alignment and commitment and often leads to work with additional key leaders and their teams throughout the organization.

Phase 3: Confirm and Reinforce Clarity
Following the communication of organizational clarity, it is important to gauge how well that clarity has been adopted. Our consultants work with clients to assess the adoption of organizational clarity and assist in the development of practical processes around the company’s core values, culture, strategy and operations.

Throughout the entire process, our consultants work with the CEO and key team members to ensure organizational health. Individual executive coaching is also provided when needed. As a result, the number of engagements required for each step depends on the size and complexity of an organization.

The Executive Team Off-Site

The Two-day Leadership Off-site is a highly interactive, fast paced session designed specifically for leaders and their direct reports. Leadership teams will have the opportunity to assess their organization’s overall health, build team cohesiveness and identify specific actions that will maximize their advantage.

During the off-site, a leadership team will put into practice concepts outlined in Patrick Lencioni’s best-selling books, The Advantage and The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. The off-site combines short lectures, working sessions and discussions that are customized for each client in order to address the four disciplines required for organizational health. Team development activities are embedded in discussions related to the client’s real business issues, so participants never feel as though they are doing a touch-feely or theoretical exercise.

During this fast paced two day session, a team can expect to:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of the expectations and challenges in building and maintaining a cohesive team
  • Assess and make immediate progress in overcoming their team’s potential dysfunctions
  • Review and validate the organization’s direction and ensure alignment exists among the team by addressing the six critical questions required for organizational clarity
  • Discuss the implications of communication and how to leverage internal communication efforts to ensure alignment throughout the organization
  • Address the effectiveness of team meetings
  • Identify the roadmap necessary to ensure a successful transition to a healthy organization

The Two-day Leadership Off-site is the ideal starting point for all organizational health efforts.

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