Executive Coaching

Our Executive Coaching provides support to individual executives for implementing the five behaviors of a cohesive team and  improving leadership effectiveness. Executive Coaching is most productively used to enhance performance of high potential leaders. The coaching process generally spans 6 months and includes:

Phase 1: Identifying the Business Focus and Drivers

We take a collaborative approach to coaching. Our process helps leaders assess their own performance, obtain feedback on strengths and weaknesses, and identify the drivers impeding results. A 360 assessment is often used at this stage to incorporate feedback from peers, direct reports, and bosses. This analysis phase results in a specific action plan for the executive, with clearly stated goals to enhance overall business effectiveness.

Phase 2: Taking Action, Assessing Results, Revising & Redirecting Action

The executive implements actions that support the plan; the coach and the executive generally meet bi-weekly to assess the success of the actions and revise and redirect actions as appropriate. The coach and executive debrief real work examples of situations, leverage successes and/or generate alternative strategies to achieving results. This is an iterative and dynamic process that builds on outcomes during the coaching process, and keeps the focus on goals and results.

Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team and the Role of the Leader

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