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We work with clients in a wide variety of industries, including technology, manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, and retail. We customize our approach and design solutions to meet the specific needs of each organization. Our clients have included:

Bayada Nurses Inc.
Bay State Milling
BBN Technologies
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
Boston Children's Hospital
Boston Museum of Science
Brooklyn Public Library
Copyright Clearance Center
Crouse Hospital
Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Fidelity Investments
GoJo Industries
Panera Bread
Trinity Wall Street

What Our Clients Are Saying:

The leadership team offsite you conducted for us produced some of the most important work our executive team has done over the past year to change our culture and improve our effectiveness - not only as an executive team, but as an organization. We were amazed at the progress we made in just two days and we are already seeing results. This work has helped us achieve one of our best years in our history, even within a difficult economic climate, and we are now cascading the models and concepts through the rest of our organization.
— Pete Levangie, President
Bay State Milling Company
The off sites you have conducted for our division have been some of the most effective and successful we have ever had. They have given us a common language and model from which to work. Trust has increased, debate within teams is more open and honest, the right things are getting done faster and better, and we are making better decisions. All of this has improved alignment within a division made up of several disparate functions, and has helped us "raise the bar" as a division.
— John Vitali
Deputy Director of Business Administration and CFO
Brooklyn Public Library

This was not the typical teambuilding offsite that so many of us have come to dread. There were no blindfolds or ropes courses – only serious, business-focused work that clarified our purpose and priorities and helped us forge stronger working relationships.
— Letisha Millsap
VP Creative Services,
The Acsis leadership team found the 2-day offsite meeting to be a valuable investment of our time. The focus on building both a smart and healthy organization was invaluable . . .  It complimented as well as challenged our strategy leading us to a clearer vision of our goals and objectives. We worked hard and had a great deal of fun at the same time.
— Steven G. Selfridge, CEO
Acsis, Inc.
Thanks for a great offsite, Russ! The overall feedback was great and the feedback on you particularly was outstanding. As a group, we left the meeting with a much clearer understanding of how to be a more cohesive executive team, and we have an action plan that we are all committed to implementing.
— Carl Weisbrod, President
Trinity Real Estate
The offsite you conducted for us this year has had a big impact on our team over the last several months. We really came together as a team this year and we have accomplished our major goal which has been a massive project and total team effort. Although it has been a little hairy and often stressful this year, the offsite really helped make the difference.  Thank you
— Tom Sibson, CFO
Bayada Nurses Inc.
The offsite our HR team experienced with Russ was very much worth our time. The session was enjoyable while being challenging to us in terms of questioning our avoidance of conflict and how that can hinder a team’s development/effectiveness. Some of the more practical takeaways included a staff meeting format that has helped us stay focused in a very dynamic workplace.
— Michele Nivens, Vice President, Human Resources
Copyright Clearance Center
Thanks for a very productive meeting, Russ! Feedback from the team was great and we especially liked how well you “fit” with our group’s personality. You knew the right times to push us and when to ease off. The result was a high level of commitment from the group to becoming more effective as a team.
— Gary Reilly, SVP Product Engineering
Loud Technologies
Russ has a genuine, engaging and inspiring style and you know you are learning from his years of experience, not just an off-the-shelf training program. He is highly capable, trustworthy and practical in his approach. Managers seek him out for counsel. His efforts have helped strengthen our managers and teams to work more effectively in an environment of rapid change.
— Erin Barriere
VP Human Resources,

Russ aligned himself with our strategic objectives and effectively built the leadership and workforce skills needed to ensure successful implementation of our new strategies. As a business partner, Russ is strategic and results-oriented.  I would highly recommend Russ’s services to any results-driven organization that is building a high performance work environment.

— Mark Little
EVP, Strategic Partnerships

Russ facilitated a key cross-functional team meeting for us to help us work through barriers of conflict and help clarify roles and responsibilities.  The meeting was intense, extremely productive, and resulted in higher trust, role clarity and better working relationships.  He has a natural facilitation style and engages people throughout his sessions.  With so many initiatives depending on team performance in our organization, Russ’s expertise in team development is a tremendous asset.
— Chris Merritt
SVP Sales Operations

Russ is a beacon in a storm – he keeps you on track and helps point you in the right direction. He is empathic, a good listener, and analyzes and integrates a situation quickly, and with organizational savvy. His strength is that he always provides solid, practical, and actionable steps to consider.
— Millie Tan
SVP Global Marketing

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